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Personal Growth…A Key Value

Posted in inspiration by Knox Singleton

An encounter I had during my rounds at Inova Loudoun Hospital’s Birthing Center reminded me of one of our core values – growth…not only organizational growth, but personal growth.

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A Purposeful and Impactful ‎Work Experience

Posted in employees team by Knox Singleton

During my recent rounds, I set out to hear more from folks about what aspects of their work made their jobs most purposeful and impactful. The team at Inova Loudoun Nursing and Rehabilitation Center shared their insights with me in what they believe enriches their dynamic and purposeful work environment….it is all about teamwork and trust.

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Rounds at Loudoun

Posted in photo blog by Knox Singleton

I had the privilege of visiting Inova Loudoun Hospital’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Birthing Inn, and Outpatient Infusion department. Our Inova family is lucky to have such exceptional people care for our community. Thanks again for inviting me to your units!


Birthing Inn Selfie


Another Birthing Inn Selfie

Let us know where you’d like to see me visit in the comments below — and remember, all comments can be made anonymous.

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Question from Viewer: Hiring, Coaching, and Developing our Staff

Posted in employees by Knox Singleton

I received a question from one of my viewers about hiring, coaching, and career development. Thank you for sending your questions, comments, and blog post suggestions. Keep them coming!

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Annual World Health Care Congress Reflection

Posted in future of medicine by Knox Singleton

I recently participated in the 2014 World Health Care Congress and wanted to share my perspective on this event. The Annual World Health Care Congress convenes the industry’s leaders and decision makers from around the world to discuss current topics relevant to the field. Thank you to all the great folks who put it together and continue to make it happen!

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Rounding at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Sterile Processing Department

Posted in employees by Knox Singleton

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Sterile Processing DepartmentI rounded at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital recently and visited the Sterile Processing Team Department. The SPD team received an IAMS award for their excellent work. We are all very proud of their accomplishments. Keep it up!

Watch to see more about IFOH’s Sterile Team’s 2013 Iams Awards Project

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Advertising: Why do we do it?

Posted in branding future of medicine genomics by Knox Singleton

Why do we advertise? Tune in to hear my thoughts on why advertising and marketing are important. I am very proud our brand team for putting together Inova’s recent Lottery of Life video. If you haven’t seen it already – check it out!

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Rounding Update

Posted in employees team by Knox Singleton

Recently, I sent an email to all of you asking for suggestions on places where I should “round” (visit) at Inova.  The response was overwhelmingly wonderful (over 50 requests!), and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to provide me with your feedback.

I wanted to let everyone know that the door is still open for more requests. To the folks who already responded to my email –my team is working on scheduling my visits and I am really looking forward to seeing you all.

P.S. Please send requests to Amjaad Al-hussain.

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Inova Family Letter – March 2014

Posted in family letter by Knox Singleton

To the Inova family,

I was a little put out when I went outside my office to greet the folks in the waiting area who were there to tell me “thank you.”  Even though they were the ones who had been  waiting for several minutes as I concluded my last appointment, it was I  who was a little peeved.  You see, I  was behind in my work that day and would have loved to have gained a few minutes to catch up on a couple of important things I needed to attend to.  After exchanging greetings, the family presented me with some brownies and a nice bouquet of flowers.  I started to feel uncomfortable about my  impatience in having scheduled the appointment.  By the time  we finished talking, quite frankly, I felt terrible.  Let me explain why.

After recounting a brief review of the care they had received, the family went directly to the business at hand—they wanted to thank me for what we had done for their child and wanted to know what they could do for us to show their appreciation.  My first response was to tell them that “helping people is what we do” and that no thanks or recompense were required.  I went on to say that we are a team of professionals and we love what we do.  I wanted them to know there was nothing they could do for us that we already didn’t have.

After uttering these self-important words, I was struck by how quickly their faces showed real distress over my verdict that we did NOT need them and that there was NOTHING they could do to repay the gift we had given them.  After a little superficial additional conversation, they went on their way and I was left to ponder the exchange we had just had.  I knew that they had come in full of hope and expectation, and they left crestfallen and sad.  What had I done to so badly harm their feelings and reduce them almost to tears from I had said?

For some reason, my mind went back to a time when my father had presented me with a surprise Christmas present a couple of days before Christmas (something that he had never done before – I had always received a gift from my mother and father together!!), and I had nothing to give him in return.  In fact, I had spent all my money and had really no way of getting him ANYTHING!  It was a terrible feeling to be indebted to someone I cared about with no prospect of “getting even” or reclaiming my ability to give as well as receive.  The fact that my father expected nothing in return didn’t seem to help my feelings of impotence and frustration at all.

As I thought about the unsettling feeling that had descended upon me after the grateful family departed, I realized just how selfish our “professional” posture of declining thanks and help from our patients truly was.  One of the best things we do at Inova is help others, sometimes in transformational ways.  Often, we do things that have incredible value and we often work hard to go “above and beyond”- to achieve a true “wow” from our patients and their families.  Usually, when they try to thank us, we say something like “it’s what we do” or “it’s all in a day’s work for us” – in short, we don’t accept their thanks in an open hearted way, much less give them the satisfaction of being able to “get even” and give us something of value.  I suspect this is not something we do with mal intent but something we do without thinking about those who really NEED to give back.

I love the story that is told of the little girl who gives her daddy a present for Christmas but when he opens an elaborately wrapped package with a fancy ribbon/bow, he finds it totally empty.  His reaction is to berate the little girl with “you wasted all our money on this fancy wrapping paper just to wrap an empty box?!  Don’t you know that money is tight around this household right now?!”  To which the little girl tearfully replied, “Daddy, it’s not empty – it’s filled with my kisses – you just can’t see them!”  You see, the little girl NEEDED to give something to her daddy and not just be a recipient.  As the story goes, the father through misty eyes told his daughter, “That’s the best present I could ever get.  Thank you so much for your gift.  I really NEEDED those kisses.”  The truth is what we don’t just need the kisses (which we all do!) but more importantly, we need to be able to give them to others.  When we are served by others, we need to serve them (and love them) back!  It’s the way we recover our self respect and feel needed and appreciated – a universal need for everyone.

So remember when a patient or a patient’s family says “thank you for what you’ve done,” accept their thanks graciously, and, if possible, find a way to let them help you back.  I often ask if they would like to talk with someone from the Foundation.  I also love those brownies – perhaps a little too much!  To let a grateful family give of themselves to help us do for other families what we did for them is another form of serving others.  And in the final analysis, those kisses that you give to others ALWAYS come back to you.  And THAT is the sweetest outcome of them all.

God bless you,

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Rounding at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus – Simulation Center

Posted in employees by Knox Singleton

I wanted to share a discovery I made during my recent rounds at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus. Tune in!

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