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Inova Center for Personalized Health

Posted in future of medicine genomics by Knox Singleton

The Inova Center for Personalized Health is the name given to our newest campus (which is located on our newly acquired Exxon Mobil property). Find out when we’ll “move in” and how personalized medicine and personalized wellness will play a part.

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Inova Comprehensive Cancer and Research Institute

Posted in future of medicine genomics by Knox Singleton

It’s an exciting time at Inova as the Inova Comprehensive Cancer and Research Institute has genomics as its cornerstone.  We will be looking at treating people with personalized plans and pharmacogenomics. Find out what that means by tuning in.

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Bench to Bedside Research

Posted in future of medicine genomics by Knox Singleton

What makes the Inova Center for Personalized Health unique? In short, it’s our “bench to bedside” capability for personalized treatment and prevention. Tune in to learn more about how Inova translates discoveries into real-life application for our patients.

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Inova’s Genomics Program Featured on WUSA 9 Special

Posted in future of medicine genomics by Knox Singleton

Grab some popcorn and get ready to watch a half-hour television special about Inova’s genomics program, airing this Saturday, Jan. 24 at 7:00 p.m. on Washington’s CBS affiliate WUSA 9. Not going to be home?  No problem.  You can also view a live stream of the special from your tablet or phone at This 30-minute program — “Genomics: The Power to Predict” – is part of Inova’s year-long partnership with WUSA 9.  It features three Inova patients, all of whom were impacted by the work of the Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI).

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Beyond Vision 2015?

Posted in change vision 2015 by Knox Singleton

Our Vision 2015 strategy encapsulated the core elements that helped us survive and thrive in the new economic environment after the Affordable Care Act passed.  2015 is here! Tune in as I talk about our strategy beyond Vision 2015.

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Celebrating Our Mistakes

Posted in change employees by Knox Singleton

We are proud of our engagement levels this year – especially the mistakes we have celebrated and learned from. Celebrating mistakes is when we identify a mistake we’ve made or almost made, then spotlighting where we can make an improvement.

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Inova Family Letter (October 2014): Inova Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Posted in employees future of medicine genomics by Knox Singleton

Dear Inova Family,

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a family letter with you. But last month’s happenings at the Inova Laboratory for Genomic Medicine reminded me of a story I’ve been meaning to share with you – and no, it’s not the ALS ice bucket challenge I accepted…! This is the story about Meg and CYP2D6 *1/*2.

Remember your first wisdom tooth encounter? I am saying first since many of you have probably surpassed your 20s by a few years like me (oh, who’s counting…?) and are now on to preparing your teenage sons and daughters for this fun endeavor. You might ask yourself what wisdom teeth have to do with Inova or with the Inova Laboratory for that matter. Genetics!

Well, if your wisdom teeth extractions were just slightly as complex as mine, then frozen peas, popsicles, yogurt AND codeine were on the daily consumption list. Meg, also an Inova team member, who had undergone the same surgery, disclaimed to us in a recent meeting that she might speak “funny” due to said procedure. What was most interesting to me was not the medical progress made (I hear nowadays general anesthesia is administered; I was awake for all of it!) but the fact that she checked her genetic fingerprint before she had her first appointment.

Apparently, Meg –being the curious person she is — had had her genome sequenced and was able to tell how well she would respond to a specific pain medication based on her genetic make-up. If you are like me, the last thing I would want to endure after a wisdom tooth surgery is pain. How incredible is it to know before you undergo a planned procedure whether or not your body is able to metabolize medication efficiently and, if not, to ask your doctor for an alternative? This science of combining pharmacology with genomics is called pharmacogenomics and we have started implementing it right here at Inova!

Together with Dr. John Deeken and under the leadership of Dr. John Niederhuber and Dr. Joe Vockley, Dr. Ramaswamy Iyer, ITMI’s Director for Clinical Molecular Genetics and Biobanking, set up Inova’s first Laboratory for Genomic Medicine which was initiated last month. Some of you may remember my talk about the Inova Laboratory for Genomic Medicine (ILGM) at ILI 33. I have to admit, the Next Generation technology used in this laboratory is quite impressive and I am still fascinated by the fact that one of these machines is capable of sequencing an entire human genome. If you have the time, I would suggest you take a look for yourself!

A few weeks ago, ITMI accomplished yet another milestone. On September 22, 2014, the team at the Inova Laboratory for Genomic Medicine received its first pharmacogenomic test sample! This makes us the first non-academic healthcare organization in the DC Metro region to successfully deploy clinical pharmacogenomic testing. Pharmacogenomics puts Inova at the forefront of Personalized Medicine and enables us to treat the right patient at the right time with the right drug and dosage.

While this first genetic test offered through ILGM is being pilot tested in the field of cardiology, ITMI is planning on additional genetic and genomic testing to be available late 2014 / early 2015 – including but not limited to Codeine Genotype testing.

So the next time you think about what the future of health holds, think about the story of Meg and imagine the possibilities pharmacogenomics holds for our patients.


God bless you,


PS – If you read my whole letter and know what CYP2D6*1/*2 means, email the answer to me at The first person to provide me with the right answer will receive a $50 gift card. However, I always like to hear from you regardless.






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Employee Engagement Survey: Team Action Plans

Posted in employees by Knox Singleton

Following a great participation rate, I am eager to hear about ‎your teams’ engagement action plans. Leave a comment and let me know how your team sessions went.

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At the “Hospital of Tomorrow” Conference

Posted in future of medicine photo blog Uncategorized by Knox Singleton

Wanted to share a selfie I took at the U.S. News “Hospital of Tomorrow” conference that I was honored to speak at. Check out my previous post to see what I talked about.



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Value Based Health Care

Posted in future of medicine by Knox Singleton

This week I will be talking about value based healthcare at The Hospital of Tomorrow Conference sponsored by US News and World Report. Leave me a comment if you see me there or watch the video online.

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